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The 10KTF Characters

In the world of 10KTF, characters like Swampy, Kraken, Ninetails, Toadz, Mosura, Golem, and Megajaw have come to life from the G-Tags, each with its unique background and story. They are more than just PFP characters in 10KTF; they each have a tale to tell.



Seas the day and hit the irons. Don't be a chum-p, wave goodbye to weak muscles. Shore up some fin-tastic gains that you can sink your teeth into.

It Came from the Surf
Even guppies know the gym is THAT WAY. Cruise on over to pump it up with some dead-eyed lifts. Good for gains, and good for the gills. Don’t forget to stretch bros!

Its jaw snapped
Flex those fins, it’s time to bite into the competish. Sharks over Jets and we always look good in a Tank. Take the other fish to school and become the baddest on the beach!

Tooth and Grail
Chomp up the chumps and squat til you flop. Up the reps to lunge past the frenzy when there’s blood in the water. The Grailed know not to skip leg day if you want to run New Tokyo.

The Plethora of Teeth
Gainz aren’t made just by getting shredded. Bad dental hygiene is for wimps. Floss after bulking and brush twice daily, bros. A winning smile takes the bite out of any challenge.

The Muscle
Up the reps to build more beefcake. The right snack between sets can help you get into rare form. Don't forget to hydrate to reach new PR's again and again.

The Drop (Club Remix)
Pump, pump, pump and untz, untz, untz. And boots and pants and boots and pants. AIRHORN! BEW BEW BEW BEW BEEEWWW.

The shoulders that smolder. The grin that wins. Have you been bit because you are looking CUT, my guy.

A Vision of Strength
These aren’t just gym muscles. And no need to sweat the small sets when you’ve got a winning smile. Workout buddies work it out because we know there’s always strength in numbers.

Muscles Torn from Bone
Holy sit-up, bros! What the ffffffffffffffffflex!!

Sleep is for the Weak
No time for rest, only reps. Two minutes of brushy brush, then get ready for bed by hitting the bench, bros!

Drinks After Work Bro
Any plans tonight, team? A quick gym sesh then drinks on me at the watering hole, LET’S GO.

Tank Top Dreamboat
Sun’s out, guns out, and don’t forget the block. Stick together and take care of each other out there, bros!

Coastal waters are a harsh hood to come of age in, but changing tides are the best teacher of slow and steady reps. How do you think he got from sushi to shredded?

The Gut
No time for hesitation, you gotta trust your instincts and go with your gut. And not just crunches, bros!

Coarse-ground beef and a cranberry glaze for the sweet tooths out there. Leaves you satisfied and with plenty of energy for some squats after dinner.

Don’t Harsh My Flow
Nothing like working down to the bone to build up the muscles.

Broke Lots of Things Here
These shoulders barely fit in the door which means they look MASSIVE next to the dainty tea cups, and that is A-OKAY. Wonder if this place can do a protein shake?

Quick As Sand
Doing dune sprints through the Ribs when the desert floor parted and wasted what was about to be a new PR. Rude! The vortex swallowed him and the bones.



What's hidden in the dark, mysterious depths of the sea? A light from below beckons, find out what has awakened after all this time.

It Came from the Deep
Far beneath the waves, where the sun cannot reach, an eerie, otherworldly light from below beckons. Ancient forms emerge, towering columns surrounding a vast and terrible structure. What could lurk inside?

Its grip tightened
The doors part soundlessly in the depths. Unseen currents draw us in. The fractured light reveals shelf after shelf of silent tomes and dense volumes. Eons of knowledge gathering barnacles in the deep, an untold wealth in words. But all the stories taught to us by our ancestors have always told the same tale -- every treasure has its keeper.

Paper and Ink
From stack to stack, you wander the boundless archive. Drawing one book out, you discover ancient pages covered in a language long forgotten by time. Something slithers in the dim reaches. Perhaps there is still something down here that remembers.

The Wisdom of the Deep
A feeling draws your hand toward another tome. Something about this one feels familiar. But as you open its cover, a page slips out, caught in an invisible current, and is carried down the aisle. You swim after it just in time to see it slip through a hole in the rocky floor at the end of the stacks. You peer inside. Even the depths go deeper.

The Ancient
Through the crevice, you can make out another chamber, one that somehow feels even older. The water chills your bones as you hover at the threshold. But you must learn more. You squeeze through the crumbling maw and continue into the abyss.

Étude Op. 7, No. 10
Down, down, down, you descend. Suddenly, you come upon the lost page floating in the inky black. Closer and closer you swim. You reach out to grasp it, and the page draws back, as if shy. Closer and closer you swim again. As you draw nearer, you finally notice, too late. The entire darkness shifts. And it is not darkness at all but a massive shape blocking out all light. Blocking all chance of escape.

Breathless Savers
You’d gasp for breath if you could, but it’s only the darkness that breaths in these depths. You feel its icy grasp coil around your body. It pulls you down into its den of despair. You realize this is no library – this is a tomb. What horrors await at its bottom?

A Vision of Wisdom
In this moment, pulled toward certain doom, you realize there’s more than just fear gripping you. There’s a rush of exhilaration, a surge of anticipation – the hunger to know more, to learn what secrets are kept in the far reaches of the world, is eager for satisfaction, even now. An insatiable curiosity for what the world can teach you will take you to the most interesting of places.

Knowledge Lost to Time
You’d trade every last page in the library just to see the sun again.

Bedtime Stories
The pages here guide an ancient ritual for ending the day, for those seeking knowledge, for those seeking wonder.

Wise Old Manager
The key to organizational longevity is listening, and to never stop learning. It’s all in the employee handbook, so don’t forget to give the old tome a read.

Overstimulated Bookworm
The thronged masses may horde to their head-splitting music festivals, but the refined mind knows no better thrill than a well-appointed festival of books.

Psychonautics 101
His student era was fairly innocuous, and really the very minor bit of psychedelic experimentation during his time as a campus organizer only very indirectly led to some of the more consciousness-expanding areas of inquiry in his first volume on Culinary Uses of Kelp.

The Research
Everything you need to know is out there, discoveries ready to be uncovered, connections ready to be made. An intrepid learner only needs to study the texts, and the answers will become self-evident.

Brussels Sprouts
Brussels sprouts, trimmed and halved, roasted slowly with extra virgin olive oil and garlic. Good brain food to feed hungry minds.

Psychedelic Mind Expansion
The final frontier for inquiring minds requires journeying beyond the shadow of theory and into the realm of bold experimentation.

A Repository of Worldly Wonders
A collector of fine relics recognizes a kindred spirit through their eclectic tastes and tolerance for a healthy amount of clutter.

To Be Continued
In the depths of the shadow, he had sensed a disturbance. A swirling light in the sludge of the abyss. But to quench his thirst for knowledge, he had swam too close, and instead of reading the stories, he now found himself drawn into one of his own.



Dreams threaten to shift and shatter when the world bears down on you. Keep your true song in your heart and never lose your voice. Shape your own future!

It Came from the Forest
A voice on the wind guides you through the trees. A spirit at the heart of the forest shares a beautiful and aching melody. She sings, Find your true song and bring it to the world. Restore the balance between light and dark. But first, you must learn the choreography.

Its tails curled
The spirit coaches you through the steps, each pirouette a whirlwind of magic. The rhythm gathers in your bones, the melody builds in your veins. Can you channel it through your heart’s voice or will it spill forth in shrill discordance? You part your lips and draw in breath…

Sound and Furry
The first note slips out as a whisper, unsteady as a fawn. You falter, your steps falling out of time with the music. But you feel the spirit catch you, and a swiftness finds its way back into your bones. Strength gathers behind your lungs and the second note bursts forth with sonorous clarity, like light pouring into the dark.

The Spirit of Song
Notes spill into measures, as if carried aloft on their own wind. Your voice steadies, bending with the melody. A radiance shimmers in the air, trailing your gentle sways. Congratulations, the spirit offers, you have only just begun.

The Artist
The beat picks up and suddenly the steps come quicker. You try to follow, but your movements are a clumsy caricature of the spirit’s grace. Your limbs tangle when they should twirl, your poses meek instead of mighty. The song sputters in your throat. You feel the light within you dim.

The darkness that has filled your vision is suddenly washed away in a brilliant light. There, not ten feet away, a spotlit creature of easy grace and bottomless swag appears. The song flows through her with force, her entire being embodying the music. She turns and her eyes suddenly find yours. You freeze, your heart skipping too many beats. She winks. You swear you feel yourself die and ascend to a higher plane.

Ice Poppers
She moves through the dance with ease, showing you the steps one at a time. You feel the soreness leave your muscles, a renewed energy pushing you forward. You slip into the rhythm, following her lithe and nimble lead. She is the guide showing you the way; all you have to do is follow her into the light. Will you trust in her warm grace?

A Vision of Passion
You realize talent can only get you so far. You’ve learned the steps, you’ve found your voice. But to reach her shining example, you have to care. In every moment. In every breath.

Songs Cut Short
The song ends and you lose sight of her. This can’t be. This can’t have been the only chance you were going to get. Nononono. There’s no way.

Night Light
A soft song, hummed gently, lulls you to sleep. You dream about learning a new routine and feel your feet tap out the steps all night.

Rising Star
Her decks are immaculate. Her e-mails exude warm clarity. She shines bright in every meeting. Life is a song when you love what you do.

Top-billed Superstar
When the sun has fallen and the lights are shining brightest, that’s when legends are made. Brace yourselves for a generational icon at her peak.

Her pre-teens were a blur, filled with confessional pop songs belted out at sleepovers, AIM chatrooms late into the night, and ear-to-ear grins of such joy and spirit despite the two years of braces.

The Get On With It
Her mind was made up before you even thought to ask the question.

Sweet Potato Casserole
Sweet potatoes pureed to a silky shimmer, topped with a pillowy toasted marshmallow cloud, and finished with candied pecans and cornflakes for a little spunk. A sweet dazzler that’s the star of any dinner table.

Finding Your Spirit
The music comes to those who learn the steppes and reach for the sky.

Such Cute Stuff~!!! ^_^
When she first walks in, the vivid colors spring out at her like a warm smile from an old friend. The shelves are a home for surprising and lovely things collected from all over; what stories must be contained within these walls… she would love to hear their song.

Leap of Faith
She had seen the luminous bridge from afar, and danced her way through the steppes to reach it. The footing was steady despite the other end anchored to nothing but sky. She would have to cross it to find out how.



IN A WORLD, TORN ASUNDER FROM THE SKY. When a dark power threatens the land. Can the world be saved from the brink of DESTRUCTION? Someone's been leaving a trail of bullets, bloods, and bubble gum. Find out if our hero has arrived, or if this is a new villain in our midst.

It Came from the Mud
IN A TIME OF GREAT CALAMITY. A secret base was infiltrated. A pile of rubble was left. Witnesses say they saw a giant. Survivors wish they saw nothing at all. Follow the trail of guts and gasoline to find who - or what - did this.

Its boulders crashed
REVENGE IS ON THE MENU. And the people are ravenous. The hunt is on and only blood will do. The tracks left behind are all ripped earth and broken bodies. Plunge onward and find your fate at the end of this road.

Rock and Roll
STUCK BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE. All signs point to danger. But there’s no turning back on the highway to hell. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, so you must be getting warmer.

The Strength of Earth
BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR. All signs point to danger, and danger is what you find. That’s no mountain. It’s got a stony stare and a bad attitude. Better hope you brought a pair of clean underwear.

The Hero
…OR IS HE?! Surrounded by carnage. Bathed in blood. Does the mountain move for you, or against you? Only fools stay to find out. Flee for now… while you still can.

Epic Overture
FLY, YOU FREAKIN' FOOLS! Pound the pavement but resistance is futile. The harder you run the less distance you cover. You’re just a worm caught inside a mighty rock hand. It’s time to face the music and it’s filled with epic BRAAAAAAAMs!

DUCK AND COVER. The earth quakes in his steps, or is that just your knees going weak? Here there be a Giant – but wait. His hand reaches out, not to crush you, but to cover you from the falling rocks above. What a twist! Has your pursuer turned protector?

A Vision of Heroism
A HERO FOR ALL. The power to move mountains may make you imposing to some. But the power to inspire others to move them with you makes a true titan.

Stones Split Asunder
HEROES FIND A WAY. Being between a rock and a hard place doesn’t mean being stuck. Get some grit back in your teeth and keep climbing.

Bed Head
EVERY HERO NEEDS A REGIMEN. These rocks would crack without moisturizer. And the coif only rocks with a hundred brushes nightly before hitting the sack.

Overtime Champion
PUNCHING IN ON THE WEEKENDS. Not afraid of a little extra effort. Work hard, work harder. Ready to get it done.

Party Crew Big Bro
HYDRATION IS KEY. Everyone fill up their packs and got their snacks? Don’t forget shade breaks. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Clay Days
IN THE BEGINNING. He emerged from the mud and mineral a perfect chiseled form. The barrel chest. The cannon arms. The fresh coif came later.

The Plan
PREPARE AND SHOW UP EARLY. Do the work and plot out the scenarios. And don’t forget: heroes aren’t on time, because on time is late. Winners are always early.

Mashed Potatoes
HOW TO BE A POT LUCK HERO. Potatoes boiled and whipped. An ultimate team-up with heavy cream and milk. Grated parmesan and crushed garlic mixed in during the mash. Day, SAVED.

We Require More Mineral
ROCKS LOVE PRESSURE. Hardens the skin and polishes it to a luster for future heroic feats.

Guns 'n Ammo
SHINY THINGS. A hero needs the proper equipment for their adventures. This is the perfect place to stock and rock the latest wares.

In A(nother) World
SMELLS LIKE DESTINY. It first appeared over the spires. Some might call it a portal. He called it a window of opportunity. When Fate came calling, he answered the phone. The reception was. Crystal. Clear.



Nobody wants to take a closer look, we're all happy to believe that Boss_Toadz's pet hamster was killed by a bear. There's someone who knows more. Find the one who understands what's really happening in the swamp.

It Came from the Swamp
Of all the floating swamps in the land, the muddy footprint had to be found in this one. Bigger than any bears the neighborhood could remember. Great. Something foul is afoot, and only the stench can lead to what hides beneath the surface.

Its stench seeped
The deeper you venture into the swamp, the more noxious the gases seem. Shapes and shadows dart behind the damp foliage but never add up to a smoking gun. Just as you near the dark heart of it all, you hear…polka music?

Mud and Blood
Just when you thought it couldn’t get any shadier in the swamp, you find yourself bumping shoulders with lowlifes and gutter urchins ducking sun and scrutiny in some kind of vagabond city. This was supposed to be a simple caper, but now you’re in the middle of some racket and the suspect count is growing like swamp weed.

The Aroma of Bog
Power players in this backwater slum all seem to live by night behind a tightly patrolled tent. Word is this is the heart of the sleaziest pastime on the whole island. You hear the primal cries from behind the tent flaps. Do you risk a look inside?

The Blight
You slip into the tent and are hit by a wall of humidity born of sweaty desperation and the stink of faded dreams. The glaring lights and booming shouts direct your attention to the center of the tent. You swallow a cry of horror at the sight before you. Short-hair fur choking the air and trampled wood shavings everywhere. An illicit hamster racing ring. The swamp truly has no bottom.

The Bogtown Blues
Every racket has its biggest losers, but none suffer more than the furry creatures who find their fates sunken into this rotten swamp. No one can say with certainty how they got here – wayward pets or custom-bred on a factory farm? But no matter the path they took, the chattering of their teeth as they run an endless gauntlet all sing the same sad song.

Dank Mints
You swallow the bile in your throat and get back to the case of Boss_Toadz tragic hamster. This rotten racing enterprise provides the opportunity, but who has the motive? Who wanted that poor hamster dead, and why?

A Vision of Nature
Success breeds envy, and a quick hamster at the races was bound to turn a few villains green. Learning to succeed isn’t enough; you also have to learn how to survive it.

Swamps Run Dry
The case dead ends and the hamster’s just dead. The coldness of the swamp surrounds you, fills you, and numbs you until you feel nothing but a ceaseless dread.

Damp Dream
Swamp snoozes make for humid sheets. Sticky!

Crotchety Janitor
He’s always cleaning up the messes in this dump. When a job goes sideways and you find yourself stuck in the mud, he’s the guy you call to take out the trash.

The Shady Bootlegger
On the far side of the underground stages, you turn past the portajohns and see a shape separate itself from the shadows. “You have it?” The shape grunts, “You got the cabbage, I got the goods.” You shove over a few wrinkled bills, and the shape tosses over a ratty rag. “The limited edition bootleg festival long-sleeve tee,” you breathe. You throw it over your head and scurry out of the dark before something else drags you back into the muck.

Young Marsh Dweller
His salad days were spent peacefully in the muck and the decay, back before the weight of the hard-boiled world hunched his shoulders and calloused his heart.

The Coinflip
Fate or destiny, that kind of providence is for suckers. There is no rhyme or reason to the mud. You make a choice, or you don’t. It’s all a coinflip on who gets burnt, and who gets lucky.

Chips & Dip
Store bought tortilla chips and a block of cheese analogue. What. This is a boss’s bounty back in the bog.

Life From Decay
You’d be surprised what can grow from the ruins of a bog. Life finds a way.

Another Stop on the Shakedown Express
He’d seen too many places like this crushed under the thumb of thugs squeezing blood from an artist’s heart. He only hoped the beautiful things he saw here wouldn’t suffer the same fate.

Door to Nowhere
He knew better than to stick his mug where it didn't belong in the Bog. But the door had appeared out of thin air in the ruins, and he couldn't let that lie. He had to find out where the glow behind it led. The dumb mope knew better, and he went anyway.



The queen has no time for you. Seek an audience anyway.

It Came from the Sky
The flap of her wings, the sound like a deep sigh in the middle of the night, moves mountains to tears. When her lips part, storms gather to listen. Don’t fret, honey. She hadn’t noticed you anyway.

Its wings thrust
She alights for the sky and disappears in a cloud of perfume and sass. Her admirers swoon, then slowly scatter. But not you, I see. You must know something we all don’t. So you walk where she flew, looking for a miracle.

Dust and Wind
Persist at her altar all you like, it will not yield an audience. Keep your ear to the skies, no sound will give her wings away. But listen long enough, and you may hear others whisper. Her brilliance leaves long shadows.

The Grace of Air
Your perseverance yields promise, but of what, it’s not yet clear. You followed the trace of dust in the wind, and it has brought you here, before impossibly looming doors. A ceaseless wind blows through a hollow high overhead, and a pure note sings out. Do you dare knock?

The Queen
When no one answers your knock, you slip in anyway. The stones on you. You push against the wind, trying to get to the voice. But the harder you push, the more it slips away. Only the worthy may enter. What could you possibly have to offer here?

The Royal Concerto
You collapse outside the doors, defeated, undeserving. Suddenly a flash – you look up to see a figure rise high above the walls, her wings momentarily blocking out the sun. You haven’t caught her attention at all. But, her majesty. Oh, her majesty.

Royal Mints
You ride the wake from the gentle flap of her wings, buoyed by the glow of her countenance. She knows you’re here, you’re certain of it, although she pays you no mind. Can you keep her in your sights? Can you prove to her your devotion?

A Vision of Conviction
Finally, she graces the earth with a soft landing. You cower at her feet. But she lifts your chin up with a glance and you flush with new feeling. Under the shade of her wings, you understand. Her providence to you is purpose.

Wings Broken in Flight
Suddenly she’s gone. How dare the fickle winds bluster through and blow you off course. How could she disappear without one last glance. It isn’t fair.

Nocturnal Creature
The moon is a guide for those that fly by night. A fitting companion for her cold, distant, and brilliant light.

Engimatic Gatekeeper
She’s on a flight currently, but we’ve checked her schedule and we might be able to pencil you in for a brief 15 next August. Dictated but not read.

Secret Headliner
Whispered about with fragile hopes. Passed around in circles of rumors. Is it really happening? Could us mortals be so lucky? When you see the masses crashing the gates, you’ll know if dreams have become truth.

To A Flame
The early years were fiery and fierce, before her volcanic temper had calmed to the cool self-possession, the steely detachment. The skies used to blaze with her incandescent fury. They could still alight again, given the right spark.

The Light
Listen to the voice inside your heart of hearts, let the light in you guide the way.

Dark chocolate squares and Dutch-processed cocoa, mixed with black coffee and mashed pumpkin make this decadent devil’s food cake fit for royalty.

A Volcanic Heart
A fiery upbringing means the blood boils molten for the warrior queen.

The Artisan’s Fineries
An appreciation of fine tastes always came naturally to her, so to see such odd but exquisite curiosities sent a shiver of excitement through her wings.

No Fly Zone
The tear in the obsidian atmosphere glowed crimson at its edges, like a bloodied mouth. She beat her wings until they carried her into its heart. She had conquered all there was here. She may as well find out what new frontiers lay on the other side.



The journey home is long, winding, and filled with wonder. Take the first hop.

It Came from Craigslist
Adventures with new friends don't quite extinguish the yearning for home. Somewhere out there, his family awaits. He sets off again like New Tokyo once began, with a leap of faith.

Its heart yearned
Every bend in the road on this new journeys take him to places of wonder. But sometimes the path darkens and he feels the solitude settle beside him, his only companion. He swallows the sadness and hops on, his eyes trained on the electric glow of the horizon.

Over and Yonder
Soon the winding road turns strange and unfamiliar, with no friendly faces to help point the way. Dark clouds fill the sky, and just as the rain turns mean, a soft glow appears in the distance. He dares not hope, but yet, perhaps he may find shelter to pass the storm.

The Endurance of Heart
Beneath an ancient oak, a single, strange bud glows with warmth, shining earnestly even as rain and wind churn around it. The roots of the tree provide a dry roof, and the light holds the darkness back, but there is no one else here. Still, he finds comfort in the little glowing plant and rests contentedly beneath it, if only for this moment.

The Toad
He dreams of a different place, where the skies are a familiar color and his friends call to him to play. When he wakes the rain has stopped, and he cannot recall where he went when he slept, only a pang that slowly dulls, but does not go away. The glowing plant has closed its leaves and ceded its light to the sun, but he thanks it for the company through the night.

Prelude in G Minor
He continues on the uncertain road, no sense in lingering in the refuge. Rested and high-spirited, he hops along with a renewed urgency, a rekindled hope back in his heart – hope that he will soon be reunited with his family.

Tic Tac Toadz
He was alone and scared when he pushed the button, and then all the pretty lights appeared. The last thing he remembers is hearing a strange melody, and now he opens his eyes to find he is not so alone anymore. Could it be, has his long journey come to an end?

A Vision of Heart
The road has been difficult for so long. But in this moment, so close to where he wants to be, he recalls what got him this far. Keeping the flame of faith burning inside you will carry you to where you want to be.

Hearts Shattered in Pieces
The road may not always be clear, especially through tear-stained eyes, but it’ll always be there. He resolves to hop on.

Clammy Cuddles
One of the things he misses most is the way they used to all sleep piled atop each other, connected in closeness even as their dream selves traipsed in different worlds.

Summer Intern
First time away from home in the big city, ready to make an impact. Anything needs doing, he’ll hop right to it.

First-time Festivalgoer
So much to see! So much to hear! It’s a wondrous adventure but he has to fight back tears when he comes face to face with the inhumanity of dreaded set time conflicts.

I’m a Big Polliwog Now
He is certainly no stranger to dramatic growth spurts, whether in the ponds of Home or the streets of New Tokyo. But the greatest growing pain so far has been how to let go of departed friends.

The Fear
The world is so big and unfamiliar, how does anyone know what is the right or wrong thing to do? You can only keep hopping and hope for the best.

Some hard-working home chefs bring pots full of nourishment and platters of goodies. This pure soul brings an appetite.

Looking for Growth
Nothing helps a growing amphibian in the jungle like a healthy diet of popcorn.

Feels Like Home
Normally, so many strange and bizarre things would terrify the young hopper, but this place feels somehow familiar. Cozy, even. Who could be behind the curtain?

Fire In The Sky
The light had washed over him in an instant and his world turned upside down. The last thing he remembers was his brother's terrified eyes as he slipped out of his grasp, the mystic pond and the jungle disappearing beneath him, the light pulling him away, so far away. And then, everything began.