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This is the unofficial 10KTF How-To || v0.55 Beta

Information on the website is subject to change

The story of Wagmi-San and his True frens

A How To get into 10KTF

What is 10KTF

10KTF is an NFT project telling the story about Wagmi-San and his 10k True Frens. Together as a community we go on missions to earn points and bring the story forward. For attending missions and being part of the community you can earn rewards such as Badges, Materials, Free Airdrops and $APE-Coins.

You’d like to join? Here is an easy to follow manual for you.



After this chapter you’re ready to join missions.


The parent PFP is your hero.
It’s the one you send to missions.

Supported Parents


Additional pieces you will need to join a mission and earn points.

You will need at least 1 item for your parent to join a mission.

The item can be matching your parent or can be a different one.
You can also send items without PFP on a mission.


You’re loadout can be made out of up to 5 crafted items. The more items you have the more points you will earn.

There are different ways to combine your loadout. Each slot can have only one item.

Example Loadout #1 (Matching Full Set)

The loadout consists of a parent PFP and matching items.

Example Loadout #2 (Mixed Set)

The loadout constists of a PFP and different Level 1 items.

Example Loadout #3 (No PFP)

The loadout has no parent PFP. You can still join a mission with a blank avatar.

Example Loadout #4 (Gucci Grail)

This loadout is special. With A Gucci Grail you can join a mission without any items.

How to get items?

There are two ways.

Secondary Market

Currently there are two collections to choose from:


To craft your items you will need supplies from the “Stockroom Collection”.

Read more about crafting

Joining a mission

Now you’re ready to join a mission.
Missions will always be announced in the 10KTF Discord in advance.

Join a mission on

Here is another great ressource to get started by Cryptodilly over on Speculation Alley.

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